The Point of the Parable

A reading for Monday, April 3, 2017: Luke 19:11-27.

Parables are often only about one thing. The details are only in support of the overall point that is taught. When Jesus tells the Parable of the Ten Pounds, it is about being trustworthy with small things leading to trust with larger things. The other gospel accounts have similar stories.

In this particular parable, the ruler is harsh even ordering the killing of all those that have opposed him. It's strange. Is this an image of God? Are we supposed to read that God destroys the enemies of the gospel? Or could it be that this image too is in support of the larger point of the parable?

If even a harsh ruler like this one knows how to measure faithfulness and grant blessings to those that can be trusted, then how much more will God who is patient and filled with grace be able to do so? This story is told by Luke as Jesus is arriving in Jerusalem for the end of the story and the beginning of salvation. It's not God who will act with violence and betrayal. Luke is warning us as to what's coming.

As for the parable, today (as in every day) we will have the chance to be found trustworthy by God. Perhaps that's the point of the parable...


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