Still Chaos?

A reading for Tuesday, April 14: Mark 16:9-20.

Still chaos? We sometimes might get the impression that faith moves in a straight line... Ever more faithful, always more peace, with clarity of purpose and meaning. That's the way it's supposed to be, right?

But then we read a story like today's at the end of Mark. Even now, when Jesus has been raised there is still chaos. Some believe. Some don't. Jesus appears in another form to some. New commands. Most it seems are still not getting it. If those that knew Jesus at the beginning still didn't understand in the midst of chaos, then what hope is there for us.

The point is not perfect faith, but trust in God in the midst of chaos. What if this story tells us that chaos is normal. Jesus comes to us most often when things are unsettled. These are the moments for Jesus, when all is not yet figured out. That's when our faith means the most.

Please note: We live during such a moment! 


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