Do You Love To Tell The Story?


A reading for Friday, May 29, 2020: Acts 7:1-53.

"Then the high priest asked Stephen, 'Are these charges true?' To this he replied: “Brothers and fathers, listen to me!"

Jesus had an amazing ability to meet people where they were. If you were a fisherman, or a tax collector, or even a Pharisee... Jesus had a message that would connect with you. You may not have always liked what he had to say, but there was no doubt you understood because Jesus put the message in your language.

Today's lesson has Stephen doing the same. He is before the High Priest and the Council, and so he rehearses the entire story of the Old Testament knowing it would connect. In the end, the Council does not like what Stephen has to say, but they clearly understand. That's the reason they are so angry!

What about us? Are we meeting people where they are with the story of the gospel? Can we put our good news of salvation in language easily understood? Do our actions reflect what we believe, and if we asked our friends would they know what we believe about Jesus?

What an amazing example we have in Jesus in how to share God's greatest blessings with others. Thanks be to God. 


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