The Promise (AI90D)


A reading for Monday, May 4, 2020: Acts 1:1-5.

"...for John baptized with water, 
but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now."

Okay, God lover let's get started... that's the way Luke begins the book called "Acts of the Holy Apostles" in Greek. The name Theophilis when translated into English means God lover. It's likely that the book is not written to any one person with such a name but all those that loved God, who Luke intends to address with his story.

Then just as if you were watching a new season of your favorite show on Netflix, Luke begins with a recap of his last book (or season). He very briefly retells the story of Jesus for any that may not know all that had already taken place. You might read, "Last season on the resurrection of Jesus!"

Finally, a promise. Luke wants us to know that just as Jesus was baptized by John and received the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Spirit was coming to the early Apostles as well in "not many days from now."

So these many generations later we too begin our study of Acts together. You that love God might expect, according to Luke, that you too will be renewed in the Holy Spirit as you read and take in this story again. The Spirit continues to work in each of us giving us all we need to love God and hear the good news of Jesus Christ again. Remember all you already know about faith in Jesus Christ, and expect to grow and be given new gifts of the Spirit day by day.

That's the promise for today, tomorrow and always. Thanks be to God!


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