No Little Disturbance


A reading for Friday, August 2, 2020: Acts 19:21-41.

"About that time no little disturbance broke out concerning the Way."

I love the humor of Luke in describing the circumstances Paul encountered in Ephesus. People are enraged and shouting. A riot happens. Charges are threatened. Little disturbance? Luke has his tongue (or pen) firmly in his cheek.

Perhaps this is the understatement that so often explains the effect of Jesus Christ on the world around us. It's interesting to me that so often people describe the Christian life as boring, and worship of God as tedious. Could it be that we misunderstand the power of God to transform?

What if we walked into our church sanctuaries and opened our Bibles with the expectation that "no little disturbance" was happening? Fact is, the gospel is transforming the world right before our eyes at every moment.

If the gospel is boring, then perhaps we fail to understand what God is up to...

Thanks be to God.


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